Free poker tournaments

Free poker tournaments: the important points

There are no less than 20 sites that offer free or freeroll poker tournaments. This can make the choice of the site a bit tricky. Especially since even if these tournaments are free, they are a way to win real money.

Choosing a freeroll

Once again, it should be noted that the freeroll is a poker tournament where registration is free. It is a way to get started in the game without spending money, but the freeroll also serves as a qualification for the big tournaments that are paid for. It should also be noted that in case of a win, the site does not take any commission. A good way to win real money without spending a penny.

In order to increase the chances of winning in these poker tournaments, it is important to take into account two criteria. First, it is important to check the amount of the tournament prize money. Note that there can be several winners, so the amount to be shared should be interesting. Generally, the prize money varies between 10 and 10,000 euros.

The second important criterion to consider is the number of participants in the tournament. Once again, this is a way of not wasting time playing for hours at the risk of ending up with only a few cents. Having said that, favour tournaments with a lot of winnings and few players. To do this, opt for tournaments with a minimum selection of players, especially in terms of level or first depositors, etc.

The advantages of freeroll poker tournaments

The first notable advantage of free tournaments is that it is a way of playing without pressure. Indeed, with zero expenses, one can play to improve and to level up. But still, if the game is free, the payout can be real and sometimes even very interesting. It is especially interesting for new players who are afraid of losing a large amount of money.

On the other hand, the fact that the game is free of charge can reveal some negative points. In particular, the number of players. We hear that it’s almost like a jungle. This can be intimidating for a new player whose game is still quite harmless. In other words, to survive in the jungle, as in all jungles, it is the law of the strongest.

Moreover, some experts have questioned the value of such tournaments for the development of a beginner player. Indeed, some strategies are considered insane and too risky in the real game. This can therefore lead to losing money in a real tournament. Moreover, free play encourages irrational behaviour during the game.

All in all, the freeroll is to be taken lightly. It’s a good way to improve your skills and work on your strategy if you do it right. That said, it is advisable to have the same playing spirit as in a real game. Moreover, it is recommended to start with small buy-ins to be able to progress well in your techniques and measure yourself.

Where to find freeroll poker tournaments?

As mentioned, there are more than 20 sites that offer free poker tournaments. These tournaments are aimed at beginners who want to improve their game. These tournaments are weekly or daily. Unsurprisingly, the payout is quite small and rarely exceeds 200 euros. It is also a way for beginners to see other variations of poker.

There are also tournaments for players who are already used to and experienced in the game. In this case the freeroll is a qualification for big tournaments.