playing Pontoon

Tips for playing Pontoon

Feel like playing a game of cards? Why not opt for Pontoon? Indeed, it is a very interesting variation of blackjack. However, they have different rules and modes of operation. In order to master the rules of this game once and for all, we invite you to continue reading this article.

Pontoon Review

Pontoon is indeed a variant of Blackjack (a card game which is very old and very popular) while Blackjack is the American variant of 21. All three games confront the player with a dealer. They use a standard 52-card deck. The advantage with Pontoon is that it can be played with an unlimited number of players. However, it is always better to play it with no more than 8 players.

The principles of Pontoon

With regard to the rules of Pontoon, as mentioned above, in principle this card game is played with a pile of 52 cards. However, if you play it with eight players, you must use two sets of shuffled cards. Before the game starts, you must first appoint a banker to deal the cards to the players. In choosing who the banker will be, there is a principle that the person who draws the best card becomes the banker. However, when you play online, you won’t have to choose as you will be dealing directly with the dealer. So you never risk being the bank in an online casino.

How Pontoon works

First, the dealer or banker deals a closed card to each of the players. Each of the players have the opportunity to view his or her cards, with the exception of the player. Next, the bet must be placed on the table starting from the left. The dealer then deals a second closed card to each of the players. This way, all the players and the dealer will be able to see their cards.

If the dealer has a Pontoon, he wins the game and earns double the amount of the bets placed by the player. Pontoon is the combination of an ace and a 10-point log. However, if the dealer does not have a Pontoon, players will have the opportunity to improve the strength of their hand by asking the dealer for an extra card. If you have a pontoon yourself, you win the round. If you don’t, there are several options available to you:

  • With a hand value of at least 15 cards, you can stay on your game. This means that if your hand is stronger than the dealer’s, you win the game.
  • With a hand value between 15 and 21 points, you can draw an extra card that will be dealt to you openly, i.e. face up. If you manage to get a 21 point hand of 5 cards, you will then hold a 5-card pontoon. This is the second most powerful hand in the game.
  • With a hand value of less than 21 points, you can buy additional cards. However, you must place a new bet at least equal to the one you originally placed in order to receive a new face-down card.
  • In case your two cards are of the same value, you have the option to split them and play on two different hands. But you must place a new bet that will be equal to your original bet.